Small But Mighty

Blu Dot Farm & Vineyard started as a dream in 2006, and with a whole lot of patience, persistence and planning was brought to fruition in early 2023. We are thankful for our wonderful wine community and friends who continue to lend an ear or helping hand.


We’re passionate people building a unique, farm-style atmosphere for all our Blu Dot family and friends. We can’t wait to raise a glass with you!


Once a 50 acre equine farm, now home to an estate vineyard, custom tasting room and soon to be production facility, (+ several 4-legged friends).


Small batch wines with big personalities. Celebrate with a Party Girl Sparkling, or pair your next meal or gathering with one of our still wines.

More To The Story 

From asparagus to horses and now wine! Blu Dot Farm has a unique and interesting history. It’s a place where people gathered, entertained and made lifelong memories. Blu Dot Farm is a special place. Not only is the land ideal for growing high quality grapes, the property is made to be enjoyed and appreciated by others.


The main barn at Blu Dot Farm was built sometime in the late 1800s. The property was originally an asparagus farm extending past the Charlevoix Rod & Gun Club to around See Road. Asparagus can still be spotted growing along the fence line near the bike path. We have been told that Blu Dot Farm was named by the asparagus farmer’s young son who’s first word was Blue. 


In the mid-60’s the property was used to breed and train Standardbred Harness-Racing horses. It was during that time, the main residence, the horse stables, the half-mile race track, and several more barns on the property were built. The name Blu Dot Farm continued on!


We initially acquired 20 acres of this special property in 2018 with the dream of growing grapes and making wine. In 2019, we planted our first 3 acres of vines. In 2020, we were able to acquire the farm next door, affectionately known as “Blu Dot Farm”. The farm is whole again with a total of 50 acres and provides the perfect name for our amazing wine!


Let’s grow some grapes – “it will be easy” they said.  Let’s open a tasting room – “it will be easy” they said. The year is 2006, Paul and Jennie visit Napa Valley, California for the first time and fall in the love with the idea of owning a vineyard. Fast forward 5 years, they discover Northern Michigan is an ideal place for growing grapes. Fast forward almost a decade and somehow, someway the stars aligned. An incredible property became available and with a lot of effort, 3 acres vines went in the ground. A vineyard was born!

The Blu Dot Team

Jennie Silva

Owner (#1 Party girl)

Sam Smiertka

GM (#2 Party Girl)


lead Taste Tester

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